Pintura Mural Cabecera

Raul García García (1972).
1985 ­ 1992. Starts his introduction to painting with the basque artist Jose Luis Aldecoa Etxebarría (Basque paintors and sculptors from yesterday, today and tomorrow) until his death.
1992 ­ 2002. Academic courses in the Bilbao Museum of Artistic Reproductions, under the tuition of Manuel Balsa Bermejo. During this period, he undertook classes in anatomical drawing, watercolour, mixed techniques, fresco, egg watercolour glue watercolour and water and mixtion gold leaf. At the same time, he attended classes of Trompe L`oeil with a
classic technique.
1997. Graduated in Fine Arts in the BasqueCountryUniversity, specializing in:
         - Restoration and fine art conservation.
         - Pictorial techniques.
1998. Obtained a scholarship from the Ancient Regional Committee of Bizkaia and attended a course on ancient technique painting in the L`arte e il Restauro Institute, in the Palazzo Spinelli in Florence.
1998. Selected in the Ertibil Bizkaia `98 Competition.
2000. Organized a scholarship exhibition of Plastic Arts in the Rekalde of Bilbao  showroom.
1998 ­ 1999 ­ 2000. Participated in the International Courses of Painting in Jerez de la Frontera, under the supervision of the artists Antonio López García and Francisco López Hernández.
2001. Obtained a scholarship from Caja Madrid to participate in the summer courses in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, under the tuition of Antonio López García.
2001. Organized an exhibition in the Carlton Hotel in Bilbao during la semana grande (The Big Week) festivities.
2004. La Colmena (The Beehive) work of art selected in the VII International Painting Competition, Aitor Urdangarin Gallery (Bilbao).